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Dr. Michael A. Scott - Dr. Scott is an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at BYU. Dr. Scott's research focus is in computer aided geometric design, finite element methods, scientific computing, and mechanics. 


Dr. Thomas W. Sederberg - Dr. Sederberg is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at BYU. Dr. Sederberg's a world-renowned expert in computer aided geometric design and is the inventor of T-splines.


Dr. Kevin Tew - Dr. Tew is an Assistant Professor in the Information Technology Department at BYU. Dr. Tew's research focus is in parallel scientific computing, programming languages, and software development.

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Dr. Derek Thomas - Dr. Thomas is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at BYU. Dr. Thomas' research focus is on adaptive refinement for discrete differential forms for fluids and electromagnetics, nonlinear acoustics, and localized isogeometric projection.


Dr. Emily Evans - Dr. Evans is an Assistant Professor in the Math department at BYU. Dr. Evans' research focus is on the mathematical foundation of novel adaptive numerical discretization techniques. 

Graduate Students

Kendrick Shepherd

Ken Rose

Sharon Yuan

Undergraduate Students

Ron Spencer

Daniel Bodily

Recent Collaborators

John Evans (CU Boulder)

Rob Simpson (Univ. of Glasgow)

Rafa Vazquez (Univ. of Pavia)

Mike Borden (UT Austin)

Clemens Verhoosel (TU Eindhoven)

Laura De Lorenzis (TU Braunschweig)

Weiyin Ma (City University of Hong Kong)

Dominik Schillinger (Univ. of Minnesota)

Jessica Zhang (CMU)

Yuri Bazilevs (UC San Diego)

Xin Li (USTC)

Tom Hughes (UT Austin)

Bob Taylor (UC Berkeley)

Hector Gomez (Univ. of A Coruna)

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